Leaked toy photos confirm that Rogue One’s Darth Vader looks exactly like he did in 1978

Updated: May 13, 2016


If you thought the rumours circulating that Darth Vader will appear in this December’s Rogue One “Star Wars Story” feature film couldn’t get any hotter; YOU’RE WRONG! These leaked toy photos are hot enough to light even the most stubborn funeral pyre.

Reports that the production team has painstakingly recreated the 1970’s Darth Vader costume can be unmistakably confirmed with these tantalising leaked shots. Whilst we can’t go into their origin, we can only conclude the shots are cataloging the upcoming Rogue One toy line.

Whilst we normally take stories from MakingStarWars.net with a grain of Mon Calamari sea salt, it seems like this time, at least, they’ve managed to get a story right. Let’s run through our toy photo leaks and see how they line up from the key points in the report.


This shot clearly correlates that “The upper armor has the tunic going over the top of the shoulders, just as it did in Episode IV.  The mask is not like the symmetrical Revenge of the Sith mask; it appears to look just like the original did.”

Also of note; they seem to have perfectly replicated the original saber hilt of the Dark Lord of The Sith!


It’s a credit to the toy sculpture that such small details have been nailed as MakingStarWars.net notes; “The belt buckle is the same. The inside of the cape is that shiny type of material. The lights on the belt are the same. The chest piece’s lights match perfectly.”


When you read “The costume is the A New Hope costume down to the fine details” you don’t expect that to include even little call-outs like this. It’s obvious the project is a labour of love for the Rogue One toy design crew.


Here’s where things really get interesting; does this close-up, of what appears to be Vader healing (or meditating) in this apparent playlet mock-up, disclose who’s inside the teaser’s mysterious chamber?

What an exciting time for fans. I for one can’t wait for one of cinemas greatest villains to return with his slowly igniting red blade!