Fan left despondent after his cardboard cutout loses out on young Han Solo role

Updated: May 13, 2016

Star Wars fan Dom Jonze is the first to admit that he’s “no casting agent”. But from the second he first laid eyes on his Han Solo cardboard cutout “just standing around” at his local Disney Store, he was sure he’d stumbled upon the only possible thing that could portray a young Han Solo.

“He just looks so much like a young Harrison Ford,” Dom enthuses. “I mean, look! It’s like he’s just standing there!”


Cardboard cutout owner Dom Jonze refuses to give up hope. “I’m just praying for a Mosquito Coast prequel”


With the news that Alden Ehrenreich is stepping into the coveted role, life long Star Wars fan Jonze is gobsmacked his cutout was passed over. “Not only does he look like a young Harrison he can PER-FECT-LY recite his lines from Star Wars with the motion sensor sound chip”.

When pressed about what would happen if the young Han Solo needed to say a line not in the original film the mood becomes heated; “How many times do I have to say this, he looks EXACTLY LIKE A YOUNG HARRISON FORD!”

cutoutDISNEY“Even without trying he nailed it in that Disney Store, people where getting selfies with him and everything! He was a born star.”

Rumours of a Han Solo cameo in the upcoming Rogue One Star Wars Story feature film prompted Dom to photoshop his “only true Han Solo” into scenes from the much anticipated film.



“Look at the onscreen chemistry between him and Felicity Jones” Dom marvels.


HanCutOut1“Han’s return to Yavin base would be made seamless if Disney could just see reason”



Dom claims that his pick for Han Solo would be up for the physical demands that such an action adventure film would ask of its star.


Whilst all hope does seem to be lost for Dom’s quest to get his cardboard cutout piloting the Millennium Falcon, he will not waiver in his belief that it’s the right cutout for the role; “I’ll always stand by him, much like he always stands by me”.