At age 39, Star Wars feels like it might be getting too old for Star Wars fans.

Updated: May 26, 2016

Star Wars, the iconic and beloved film, is thinking about a change of pace as it celebrates its 39th birthday. In a rare interview, the film opened up about getting closer to 40; “I just don’t know if I can keep on going on like this. Do you ever put yourself in the Blu-ray player and you no longer recognize yourself? I guess we all do, but imagine then having millions of people remind you about it, give their opinion about it. Why can’t people just let me be me?”

39 This year’s birthday poster from Star Wars stunned fans with its frankness. 

“Yes, I admit it. I’ve got rocks where there used to be no rocks. Don’t we all?” the film confides. “You try to age gracefully, but you see these younger films and you get a little self conscious. You can’t hold it against a film if they want to try a little Ronto to keep itself looking just a little bit fresher?”

“Of course I know things change, it’s natural. You get older and you want to look back. I’m sure I’m not the only one to return to their old bar to reminisce, only to notice there’s now new characters hanging out there. Even the people I do remember from back in the day, it’s strange, everything I used to know about them, their families, their histories… I’m just not so sure anymore”.

End_of_Santa_Monica_Pier_Feb_2000 “The years of scrutiny can wear thin.  It’s not often I can go out for a stroll just wearing any old thing.”

“Kids ask me if Greedo shot first,” Star Wars announces with a sigh. “Back in my day, Greedo didn’t even shoot. It’s times like this I could really use some guidance from Dad, but he’s really had nothing to do with me for years.”