Holding breath until the Expanded Universe returns earns one fan a 3rd place cosplay trophy

Updated: May 8, 2016


Few announcements have rocked Star Wars fandom like Lucasfilm’s decision to remove the “Expanded Universe” (EU) of Star Wars novels, comics and video games from the official canon of the beloved universe. Rebranded as “Star Wars Legends” in 2014, the classic tales would still be available to fans, but would no longer play a part in the continuity of the galactic saga.

Whilst many fans welcomed the clearing of the timeline to make way for a new generation of publishing and blockbuster feature films, others have been tirelessly campaigning for the previous publishing timeline of the EU to be continued.

One such fan is Marco Jade, whose protest at a recent pop culture convention’s Del Rey books panel lead to a very unexpected accolade.

An eyewitness to the incident recalls; “The Q&A was going along smoothly apart from the guy that expressed his hopes that any future allusions to characters having sex in Claudia Grey’s books would be a little more “detailed”. But you know, that’s normal Con stuff”.

Other reports claim the mild wave of awkwardness that went through the family filled audience following this request to the acclaimed author was heightened by the lone slow clap of agreement from a Rey costumed man seated towards the back of the room.

It was then Marco’s turn to grab the mic and be heard, our source explains; “This Save The EU t-shirt wearing guy announces that he’s going to hold his breath until the EU is continued. The panelists thanked him for his passion but said there are no plans at this time. He then, as promised, just stood there holding his breath for rest of the Q&A.”

By the time the room’s next scheduled panel about Star Wars cosplaying had began, Marco, who still had not budged, began visibly turning blue. This caught the moderator’s eye, exclaiming to the audience that he’d “never seen Grand Admiral Thrawn face paint that good”.

Marco, now completely blue, bathed in the acclaim from the audience mistakenly warm in the thought his cause was gaining support, with one hand pinching his nose to restrict airflow and his other tasked with wildly pointing at his “Save The EU” t-shirt. As the crowd marvelled at his spot on depiction of the very popular blue skinned Imperial, Marco collapsed.


Marco’s third place proves that even in a t-shirt & cargo pants, the blue skinned non-canonical Outer Rim Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy is always a hit on the convention circuit.

Marco recalls almost nothing; “One moment I’m up there saving the EU, the next, I’m on the ground, gasping for air and being awarded a third place cosplay trophy. Finding out it was for the Grand Admiral is a huge win for the EU! That guy’s Rey costume didn’t stand a chance!”

Inspired by his success, Marco declared to The Midichlorian Count; “This is our Kony 2012 and we’re not going to stop until we get a similar result.”

“Unlike these casuals, I’m not interested in this JJ Abrams drivel. I want to be able to enjoy the continuation of the original Star Wars timeline that George Lucas had nothing to do with.”

When questioned if he ever thought his protest would end this way Marco reflectively answers; “Sometimes life can be as unpredictable as Joruus C’baoth.”

Too true.