New Han Solo actor pays tribute to Harrison Ford’s legacy by already trying to move on from Star Wars

Updated: May 7, 2016


The word that Alden Ehrenreich is almost certainly be starring in the young Han Solo 2018 feature film has sent Star Wars fans into a frenzy. Movie news sites and fan forums have been described by one of the world’s coolest Star Wars fans as “lit”. Whilst simultaneously, those arrogant spoiler site web-masters have been hurriedly trying to work out how to make the words “I TOLD YOU SO” a bigger font in their WordPress CSS.

Fans that had been unsurprisingly nervous when it comes to the re-casting of the classic character have been remarkably positive to the announcement. The ever questioning fanbase were warmed by the positive reviews Alden received  in Hail, Caesar! alongside Academy Award nominee Josh Brolin & celebrated coffee pitchman George Clooney.

It sounds like this guy can act, or at least he acts like he can and lets face it that in itself is some pretty good acting… anyway… a fan interaction with Alden leads credence to the whispers that he’s already been working on getting into character in preparation for the role.

Self confessed “Star Wars nut” Jay Warrde was coming out of Los Angles eatery Ford’s Filling Station, when he spotted the red hot actor. He explains exclusively to the Midichlorian Count; “I quickly made my way over to him and asked if he thought the new Han Solo film would borrow from the The Han Solo Trilogy books by Ann C. Crispin or be more in the tone of  Brian Daley’s seminal 1979 The Han Solo Adventures? He looked at me LIKE he was really annoyed and obviously joked that he didn’t want to talk about Star Wars right now.”

Jay gushes; “I mean this guy is such a good actor that straight off the cuff he goes immediately into a perfect impression of Harrison Ford! I once saw Harrison at the airport and tried to ask “if you can smell stuff while you’re frozen in carbonite?” and he acted exactly the same way. Bravo, I’m so happy that this guy gets it!”