Marvel Star Wars comic book shock: Jaxxon is a Imperial plant! Has the “Story Group” gone too far?

Updated: May 26, 2016



In a move that’s already causing fans to consider disgruntled tweets, Star Wars: Jaxxon #1, out today, ends with the revelation that the beloved comic character Jaxxon is, and has always been, an undercover operative for the Empire.

That’s right, the most recognisable rabbit-looking hero in Marvel Star Wars comics is actually a villain!


The Marvel comic panel that had long time Star Wars fans choking on their space carrots.

A Marvel source suggests this dramatic twist was one of a few options to reignite interest in the late 70’s galactic hopper. “We wanted to get people talking, get a reaction. This was not our first choice, but our lawyers said it was just asking for trouble if we revealed him to be a female Ghostbuster.”

Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo tweeted this on May 25th. Many have theorised it was about a totally different comic book controversy.

When pressed on whether Jaxxon might even turn out to be a darkside force wielder, our Marvel source was tight lipped. “Let’s just say our artists have been sketching a lot of helisabers.”